High Dose – Blue Raspberry THC Gummy 1500mg


High Dose – 1 piece containing 1500mg THC gummy

Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Cherry Cola, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, Watermelon

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HIGH DOSE THC Gummies – Inspired by the laid-back lifestyle of west coast surfers, skate boarders and dreamers. High Dose are edibles for the sake of fun.   In the age of cannabis as a health and wellness holy grail, the joy of taking an edible with your buddies and kicking back is beginning to look like a thing of the past. At High Dose, we’re not health-hero-haters, but we think there’s still a time and place when good weed can just be good weed. That’s why we created High Dose gummies: delicious gummies, infused with a f*ck-ton of the highest quality THC, that are made with a good time in mind.   Grab your friends, grab a bag of High Dose, head down to the beach, the bonfire, or your BFF’s backyard, and party like it’s 1969. Because you will get totally zooted: High Dose is our name for a reason. Sharing is caring, but optional, depending on how brave you are.